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Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Information Technology-Class-9 Chapter-3(2024-25):

Information Technology
Chapter-3 Types of Barriers and Measures to overcome barriers in Effective Communication

A. Answer the following questions.
1. Define communication barrier.
Answer: Noise or disturbance in the process of communication is called communication barrier. 
Sometimes because of the lack of skills and knowledge and so many other obstacles, an idea can not be communicated to others, this is called the communication barrier.
Communication barrier is the collective name given to the causes of the loss and distortion of information during the process of communication.

Saturday, June 8, 2024

Computer-Science-Class-8 Chapter-3(2024-25):

Computer Science
Chapter-3 More on Flash

A. Fill in the blanks:
1. You can use _________ to draw, colour, select and modify objects on the stage.
Answer: Tools
2. ________ contains frames and is used to create or edit animations.
Answer: Timeline
3. ________ holds all objects that you create in Flash program.
Answer: Library
4. ________ tools is used to type text on the stage.
Answer: Text

B. Tick the correct answer:
1. Which of the following tools is used to create straight or curved line segments?
a. Eyedropper            b. Pen                                c. Text                      d. None of these
Answer: Pen
2. Which tool is linked with Paint Bucket tool?
a. Selection                 b. Pen                                c. Eyedropper        d. Notes pane
Answer: Eyedropper
3. Which tool is used to type text on the stage?
a. Text                          b. Pen                                c. Eyedropper        d. Selection
Answer: Text
4. You can change the text properties using-
a. Timeline                 b. Property inspector      c. Layers    d. None of these
Answer: Property Inspector
5. Which of the following menu is used to convert text into basic shapes?
a. Edit                          b. Clipboard                      c. AutoFill                d. None of these
Answer: None of these

C. Write true or false:
1. View section contains tools that are used for scrolling and zooming in and out of the stage.
Answer: T
2. The width and height of your Flash movie is determined by the Timeline.
Answer: F
3. The Eyedropper tool is used to copy fill and stroke attributes from one object to another.
Answer: T
4. You can add text to your movies using text tool.
Answer: T
5. You can then resize and reshape a character using the selection tool.
Answer: T

D. Answer the following questions:
1. What is the use of flash program?
Answer: Flash is an animation software that is used for creating animations, games, cartoons, websites, graphic effects, text effects and special effects. It is one of the most popular technologies on the internet with thousands of websites using it for introduction, animations and advertisements.

2. What is Timeline?
Answer: Timeline appears in the upper portion of the screen. It is used to create or edit animations. It contains frames which play an important role in making animations.

3. What is the Pen tool used for?
Answer: The Pen tool allows you to draw precise paths, such as straight lines or smooth flowing curves. You can create straight or curved line segments are adjust the angle and length of straight segments.

4. Write the steps to use Pen tool.
Answer: To use Pen tool, perform the following steps:
1. Click on the Pen tool from the tool box.
2. Click on the stage to set the first anchor point.
3. Click again on another point to set second anchor point.
4. Click again to set more anchor points on the stage.
5. To close a path, position the Pen tool over the first anchor point.
6. Click to close the path.

5. Write the steps to import a picture in Flash.
Answer: To import a picture or clip art, perform the following steps:
1. Click on the File menu.
2. Point to import option.
3. Click on import to stage option.
4. Select the picture and click on Open button.

6. Write three things you can do with free transform tool.
Answer: The Free Transform tool is used to scale, rotate or skew objects, drawn or imported on the stage. To scale an object means to increase or decrease the object size.

7. What are frames and key frames?
Answer: A Layer is made up of many frames which appear to the right of the layer in the form of small rectangular boxes. These frames are separated by lines known as the frame lines. Each frame contains a single image in sequences of images, which when played together create animation. A key frame is a frame where a new object appears in the timeline.

Friday, June 7, 2024

Computer-Science-Class-7 Chapter-3(2024-25):

Computer Science
Chapter-3 Formulas in MS Excel

A. Tick the correct option:
1. An Excel formula always begins with-
a. a plus sign(+)        b. a minus sign(-)        c. an equal sign(=)        d. None of these
Answer: an equal (=)
2. Which of the following is an example of function?
a. G5                            b. Sum                           c. +                                   d. None of these
Answer: Sum
3. Which of the following is an example of operator?
a. G5                            b. 4                                 c. *                                    d. None of these
Answer: *
4. ________ are ready-made formulas in MS Excel.
a. Operators               b. Cell references        c. Functions                    d. None of these
Answer: Functions

Thursday, June 6, 2024

Computer-Science-Class-6 Chapter-3(2024-25):

Computer Science
Chapter-3 More on MS Word 2010

A. Tick the correct option.
1. An option that allows you to access the live preview feature-
a. Display                 b. Popular            c. Proofing            d. none of these
Answer: None of these
2. It allows you to add features to the quick access toolbar-
a. Display                 b. Popular            c. Proofing            d. Customize
Answer: Customize
3. Which of these options resize the column widths based on the size of text in them?
a. AutoFit                 b. Popular            c. Ribbon               d. Customize
Answer: AutoFit
4. On which tab the table group is present?
a. AutoFit                 b. Mailings           c. Home                 d. Insert
Answer: Insert

Tuesday, June 4, 2024

Computer-Science-Class-8 Chapter-2(2024-25):

Computer Science
Chapter-2 Number System

A. Answer the following questions:
1. What is a binary data?
Answer: The digital computer accept all the data in the form of binary numbers of using 1 and 0 which represent On and Off respectively. Modern computers work with the collection of 1 and 0 number. A single pair of 1 and 0 is called bit.

2. What is the difference between analog and digital computers?
Answer: Analog computers works on analog signals and Digital computers works on digital signals.

3. Define octal number system.
Answer: Octal number system is a number system that include 0 to 7 numbers. Its base is 8. Examples: 15624, 635247,02553 etc.

Computer-Science-Class-7 Chapter-2(2024-25):

Computer Science
Chapter-2 Animation in MS PowerPoint

A. Tick the correct option:
1. PowerPoint 1.0 was released in-
a. 1987                        b. 1988                        c. 1981                    d. None of these
Answer: 1987
2. Which of these animation option determines the manner in which an object appears on a slide?
a. Emphasis               b. Entrance                c. Exit                    d. None of these
Answer: Entrance
3. Which of the following buttons contains four different options of animation?
a. Slide show              b. Add effects            c. Animation        d. None of these
Answer: Add effects
4. The Custom animation task pane always appears in the _____ of the PowerPoint window.
a. left                            b. Centre                   c. right                    d. none of these
Answer:  Right    

Sunday, June 2, 2024

Computer-Science-Class-6 Chapter-2(2024-25):

Computer Science
Chapter-2 More on Windows

A. Tick the correct option.
1. A pane that displays information about the selected file is called-
a. Detail pane        b. Get help        c. Navigation pane        d. None of these
Answer: Details pane
2. It shows the location of current window-
a. Menu                  b. Navigation pane   c. Get help             d. None of these
Answer: None of these
3. This button updates the display to show the files in the current folder-
a. Menu                  b. Navigation pane   c. Get help             d. Refresh
Answer: Refresh
4. It displays disk drives and folders in hierarchical order-
a. Right pane        b. Navigation pane    c. Get help             d. Left pane
Answer: Left pane
5. Which of the following is temporary storage area for deleted files?
a. Right pane        b. Recycle bin     c. Window explorer     d. Favorites
Answer: Recycle bin